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A vegan pizza recipe is actually pretty simple: a pizza base, sauce, and vegan toppings. But, of course, things can always get more complicated. Especially if you want to make a perfect pizza. Then you have to start asking yourself not only about what toppings to put on, but more subtle things like what makes the best vegan pizza crust? Does the sauce make a difference?  And what are the right combinations of vegan pizza toppings? Should you use vegan cheese or not?

Vegan Pizza Recipes

There are some excellent vegan pizza recipes in the following cookbooks, which can help you greatly in making perfect vegan pizzas.

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 Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss


KM Buy Now Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss Vegan Italiano: Meat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Dishes from Sun-Drenched Italy

This book provides authentic, mouth-watering recipes which do not use soy meat substitutes, tofu, or other ingredients that mimic meat, dairy, and eggs, but rather traditional Italian ingredients like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and healthy fats like olive oil. Simple recipes using common ingredients, many of them quick and easy to put together. An excellent everyday cookbook. Click the picture to learn more.

 Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss


KM Buy Now Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss Nonna's Italian Kitchen: Delicious Homestyle Vegan Cuisine (Healthy World Cuisine)

This is the first vegan Italian cookbook on the market, very well-received by vegans and very demanding non-vegans who know their Italian cooking. Like all traditional Italian cuisine, these recipes take time so that the full flavour and subtlety can be properly experienced. Click the picture to learn more.

 Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss


KM Buy Now Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss The Italian Vegan

Inspired by traditional, authentic Italian fare by an author of Northern Italian heritage, born in London, married into a Southern Italian family, and living in Italy. A beneficial mixture, providing insight into the diverse traditions of Italian peasant cooking. Click on the image to find out more.

 Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss


KM Buy Now Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss The Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook: 125 Easy and Delicious Recipes to Jump-Start Weight Loss and Help You Feel Great Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss

The pizza recipes here are inspired by traditional Italian cooking, and are specifically designed by a doctor to maximise health benefits and weight control. Click on the picture to learn more.

 Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss

KM Buy Now Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss

The highly-regarded Thrive Diet lists a number of easy to make, quick pizzas, with thin yeast-free crusts that need no rising. These are (post?)modern vegan pizzas, not traditional Italian ones, made on pizza bases comprising of seeds, vegetables, and legumes, specifically designed to assist in vegan weight loss and keeping fit. (You will need a food processor for this!) Athletes, in particular, have rated this diet very highly. Click on the picture to learn more. It is written by former Professional Ironman Triathlete, Brendan Brazier, one of the world's top endurance athletes and best ultramarathoners.  


Marinara Pizza

Rome Cooking   Make Pizza Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss
Rome Cooking – Make Pizza - $225.00

Imagine learning to cook Pizza in one of the greatest Neopolitan kitchens in Rome. The nautical decor of hand painted oleo-graphics on the walls, high-ceiling grotto of fishing nets, crustaceans, and a miniature three-masted schooner complete the experience of feeling you have traveled to the south of Italy if only for a few hours.

KM Buy Now Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss

City Discovery1 Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss

Another way of learning the art of making authentic Marinara pizza is to learn in Italy itselfThere are tours available, in fact, where this can be done. Your vegan pizza making skills will be immeasurably enhanced.

In fact, the simplest and purest vegan pizza is actually the original Italian pizza, the Marinara pizza. Many people do not know that.

The Marinara pizza, in fact, is an essential (even official!) part of authentic, traditional Italian cuisine, regardless of whether one is vegetarian or not. (That’s one reason why Europeans are generally thinner than Americans, perhaps.)

It is deceptively simple: a thin pizza crust made with genuine Italian 00 FlourSan Marzano Marinara sauce, fresh oregano, sliced garlic, cooked in a wood-burning pizza oven.

To be more specific, official European Union requirements for the Marinara pizza are that the dough must weigh between 180 grams (6.34931 oz) and 250 grams (8.81849 oz), and it cannot be thicker than 0.4 cm (0.157480 inches) — which makes it a "thin crust" pizza. The diameter must be 35 cm (13.7795 inches) and the border must be 2 cm (0.787401 inches). The calories per 100 grams cannot surpass 188

In addition, the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana of Naples (the True Neopolitan Pizza Association) specifies that authentic Marinara Pizza must be made in a wood-fired oven, at 485 degrees celsius (or 950 degrees farenheit), for 60 to 90 seconds.

To see how it is all put together, you can follow the Marinara pizza link to see how this pure and perfect vegan pizza is made. 

Unusual Vegan Pizza Toppings

On the other hand, you can also experiment with vegan pizza toppings on the familiar American-style pizza, to create some interesting and unique vegan pizzas. The standard vegan pizza toppings are very well known, as many choices of vegetable toppings are available at all popular pizzerias. You can stretch your imagination with your vegan pizza toppings, however, to go beyond your favourite pizzeria (e.g. spicy Thai-curried broccoli, green chillis with mustard seeds, or briny Kalamata olives to substitute for anchovies) or use vegan meat substitutes.

But perhaps more intriguing is to go with a traditional European no cheese pizza. Although strange for Americans, no-cheese pizza is common in Europe using fresh and flavorful ingredients (even if not always vegetarian). Centuries of tradition and experimentation in Europe have produced perfect combinations of tomatoes, sauces, garlic, vegetables, herbs, and crusts, to which adding cheese would be a gastronomic crime! Indeed, excluding the cheese from an authentic continental European pizza is the only way you can properly taste the finely-chosen toppings and their tantalizing combinations, opening yourself up to an entirely new range of flavors.

Mushroom and artichoke hearts seasoned with lemon juice and ground pepper pizza, tomato pesto pizza, oven roasted garlic and red pepper pizza are great no cheese vegan pizza toppings to try. Garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, high quality olives (with pits!) and mustard seeds, or homemade garlic white sauce with caramelized onions, fresh tomato slices, and a light sprinkling of crushed red pepper are excellent variations, as well. A strange pizza to American ears, but a common favorite in Europe, is Potato Pizza (paper-thin sliced potatoes with fresh rosemary, chopped onions, ground pepper (optional), and extra virgin olive oil). There is a whole new (but really old) world of vegan pizza toppings to discover.

Phyllo Dough Pizza

Phyllo Dough Pizza Feta Basil Tomatoes 300x201 Vegan Pizza Recipes and Weight Loss

In this European gourmet mode, you can also use flaky puff pastry (phyllo dough) to make very interesting vegan Phyllo Dough PizzaSun-dried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and mustard seeds, mushroom and artichoke, and Potato Pizza  all go beautifully on flaky Phyllo Dough. (This is certainly not recommended for vegan weight loss, however!)

You can follow the Phyllo Dough Pizza links to learn more.


Vegan Weight Loss

With regard to vegan weight loss, the books above are excellent, and show how vegan pizza can be part of a healthy vegan weight loss diet. In general, you can follow certain principles:

Calorie-count, cholesterol and saturated fat content: As a standard, you should note that one large slice of Hand-Tossed pepperoni pizza from Domino’s, for example, has 340 calories, 14g of fat, 5g of saturated fat, 16 mg of cholesterol, 660 mg of sodium, and 42g of carbohydrates. (An extreme example can be seen in 8oz, or two slices of Domino’s Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza, which has 780 calories, 37g of fat, 15g of saturated fat, and 1,940mg of sodium.) 

Vegan pizza, on the other hand, has on average 155 calories, 4g of fat, 0g of saturated fat, 0g of cholesterol, 251g of sodium, and 28g of carbohydrates. (As a rule, all vegan food has zero cholesterol, as it is purely plant-based and all plant-based food has no cholesterol.)

  Hand-Tossed Pepperoni pizza Vegan Pizza
Calories 340 155
Fat 14g 4g
Saturated Fat 5g 0g
Cholesterol 16mg 0mg
Sodium 660mg 251mg
Carbohydrates 42g 28g


As a general guideline, a serving of tasty, healthy pizza (2 small to medium slices) should be 200 calories or less. Indeed, some scrumptious vegan pizzas have a less than 100 calories per serving.

Vegan Pizza Toppings: Perhaps the greatest factor in the calorie count of pizza is whether you will have cheese or not. A cheeseless pizza is almost by definition a healthy pizza designed for vegan weight loss. Each ounce of mozzarella, for instance, contains 80 calories, 5-6 grams of fat, and 25mg of cholesterol. No-cheese pizzas may seem strange in America, but in fact the original Italian pizza, the Marinara pizza was made without cheese.

Vegan cheese substitutes can be used if preferred. However, the calorie and fat count of these substitutes is not much different from ordinary mozzarella. The main difference with the vegan cheese is the absence of cholesterol.

Finally, using your imagination with veggies not only makes your healthy pizza more interesting (e.g. spicy Thai-curried broccoli, or briny Kalamata olives to substitute for anchovies), but also increases its fibre content as well.

Healthy Vegan Pizza Crusts: Whole wheat pizza crusts are available from many fast-food pizza outlets. Using whole wheat pizza crusts alone increases the fibre content of your pizza by about 50%.

In addition, there are many interesting variations which are gluten-free, have no refined carbohydrates, and incredibly fibre-rich (click the link to see some of these ready-made vegan pizza crusts). These are not usually found in restaurants (except for specialty health-food and vegan ones), but can be made fairly easily at home. The Thrive cookbook (above), for instance, gives very interesting vegan pizza recipes with vegan pizza crusts made from seeds, legumes, and vegetables. These make for super-healthy pizzas, particularly suited for athletic types.


Got Questions? We Answer Your Questions About A Vegan Weight Loss Plan here and About Vegan Weight Loss Recipes here.

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